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35 Ideas for YouTube Channel in 202035 Ideas for YouTube Channel in 2020
Isn't it too late to start on YouTube in 2020? What niche to choose not to be outdone? Here's a list of 35 ideas you should consider as they are guaranteed to be popular.
10 Best Screen Recorders in 202010 Best Screen Recorders in 2020
Screen recording software can help you with many tasks from game streaming to creating software demo and holding webinars. Here are 10 best screen recorders for any budget.
4 best video recording apps for iPhone4 best video recording apps for iPhone
Most of us now have an almost professional video recorder on a smartphone. However, third-party recording apps enable you to use additional tools that professional videographers use.
Best Travel Cameras for 2019Best Travel Cameras for 2019
How to pick the best travel camera that fits your needs? It must be adaptable to any sorts of subjects, lightweight, take quality pictures, and also be compact. Look at our top picks.
What You Need to Know about Music RightsWhat You Need to Know about Music Rights
Video makers and other creative professionals are primarily engaged in a completely non-copyright. However, content rights issues are very important and shouldn't be neglected.
How to Add Subtitles to a YouTube VideoHow to Add Subtitles to a YouTube Video
Do you want to widen your YouTube audience and attract more viewers? Of course, you do. Then think of adding subtitles to your videos. Read on to learn how it can help.
5 Free HD Stock Video Sources5 Free HD Stock Video Sources
Royalty free stock footage is a real catch for video makers and creative agencies. Here’s a list of 5 best free sites that can help you create splendid content.
How to Make a Living on YouTube?How to Make a Living on YouTube?
Almost no vlogger makes huge money by simply creating and uploading videos. Here is a rundown on various ways to make a living on YouTube.
How to Create an Explainer VideoHow to Create an Explainer Video
Explainer videos today are a popular vehicle to promote new products, services, YouTube channels, and others. If you are new to creating explainer videos, below are the steps and guidelines y
Royalty Free Halloween MusicRoyalty Free Halloween Music
Add suspense and spooky atmosphere to your Halloween-themed projects with our tailor-made royalty free horror tracks.
2018 Wedding Videography Trends2018 Wedding Videography Trends
For both videographer and future newly-weds, the idea of what the wedding video will look like is the main question. How to make it fresh, modern and not tawdry? We rounded up 7 wedding video
Audio Effects in Adobe Premiere ProAudio Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro
Video with sound is way catchier. If you’re doing basic audio editing Premiere is more than enough. Read the article and discover major effects.
How to Shoot a Commercial VideoHow to Shoot a Commercial Video
In this post, we’re going to highlight the steps you need to take when preparing for shooting a commercial video, discover possible pitfalls and how to avoid them.