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Meet the Team of TakeTones | Paul Keane

Meet the Team of TakeTones | Paul Keane

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Paul is one of the authors and founders of TakeTones.com.


His almost whole life has been about music, despite a degree in technical sciences.

Studied at UCLA, now lives in Los Angeles, California

He finished piano and drums class in music school, played in a few music bands and even started his own (pretty famous in the city), but they didn't gain world renown.


Later, after the experience of running his own recording studio, Paul had decided to play music himself and started working for audio stocks.


His portfolio counts hundreds of compositions, from children's to epic, which are being successfully used all over the world. Paul's number one area is piano music.

Inspiration: Children, travels, good music


Playlist: Beethoven, Muse, Moby


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