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Uplifting Royalty Free Music for Winter Sports Video

Uplifting Royalty Free Music for Winter Sports Video

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

We love winter. It gives so many ways to have fun and get an exciting experience.  Beyond that, it's the time of incredible videos of various winter activities from snowboarding to ice climbing and ice driving.


We've picked the most energetic and uplifting music tracks that can convey speed, emotions, and pride. These tracks make up the Winter Sports Collection.


Listen to the playlist and choose the tracks that suit you best.





The Most Powerful Royalty Free Music for Winter Sports Background



Stone Sky


Bright, powerful and motivating hard rock music for sports videos. It thrills, empowers, and lets you feel the adrenaline.


Tempo: 95 BPM



All Night


Light, catchy, and bouncy EDM track for vibrant videos. Creates an atmosphere of fun and joy. Use for positive commercials and energetic activities.


Tempo: 128 BPM





A stylish dynamic electro pop featuring rich sounding, clean synths textures, vivid vocal chops, and catchy EDM chords and melodies. Perfect pair for glitch effects.


Tempo: 130 BPM



Bridge of Time


A bright and bouncy modern electronic track featuring dubstep and future bass elements. Light vocal chops and pulsing electronic drums create a feel-good mood. This music is ideal for action and sports videos and commercials.


Tempo: 141 BPM





A pulsing and energetic electronic pop with future bass elements. Atmospheric vocal chops, modern synths, and electronic drums create exciting mood. Ideal for active sport video, fitness and gym promo, optimistic urban videos, and other modern media projects.


Tempo: 150 BPM



Listen to the full collection here.