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Royalty Free Music For Videos

Royalty Free Music For Videos

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

If you’re reading this article, then you might need to know how to find an outstanding song for your video. Whether you’re a Youtube blogger, streamer or film-maker, you know for sure that licensed music without a permit may lead to some unpleasant consequences.


Sean Cannell, a Youtube blogger, mentions that using popular music for videos can push you into copyright issues. For example, if you download a video with copyrighted songs, you may lose monetization. Also, there are regions or countries where your video can be unavailable for viewing (again, because of using copyrighted songs). And finally, you may get a ban from social media platforms, and all your material will be lost or deleted.

Popular songs are cool but you need to pay a higher price for adding them to your videos. And free songs’ quality is low and mediocre. You may ask, “What to do in this case?”. And there’s an option — royalty-free music.




Royalty-free music as an alternative to a licensed one





Despite the name, don’t think that it’s absolutely free music. It’s really difficult to find completely free music. And still, even this kind of music has copyright.


According to Quora, royalty-free products are supposed to provide unlimited use for a one-time payment. And the company or provider who offers such products pays the royalties to their legal owners.


Sometimes, license-free songs are often mistaken for stock music. But according to Wikipedia, stock music is usually accredited and used in films, TV shows, radios, etc. Copyright-free music is not limited to particular areas of usage or even categories. So, you can get any tune you like.




Why actually use background music for videos?



You may think that using royalty-free songs for video recordings wouldn’t compare to that of famous ones. But don’t underestimate it because it can be of the same quality as those of Hans Zimmer or similar. The way how somebody will accept your videos completely depends on you and your musical choice.


The right music may perfectly give the atmosphere, feelings, emotions, and epic moments of the video. And it’s not necessary to spend a substantial sum of money on fabulous music. It’s about finding songs that match the spirit or tone you desire to create. As Psychology Today says, “Music is a powerful emotional tool”.


It can make almost any person feel connected to something great and beautiful. So, using mood music for your videos will only let you express yourself and create a special atmosphere. But you may encounter some difficulties...


As the aforementioned Youtuber says, finding the right and high-quality music may be a great challenge. You may face such a situation:


  • ● there’s great and popular music but you may have issues with copyrights;

  • ● there’s plenty of free songs but their quality is poor.


Fortunately, there are many websites where you can obtain quality and free for use music!




Where To Get Royalty Free Background Music For Videos





If you make some googling, you may find a bunch of articles suggesting various sites that may meet your needs. But we would like to introduce you to a place where you can find excellent and royalty-free songs — Taketones.


Taketones includes a team of professional musicians who have created quite a lot of music that resulted in collaboration with advertising and artistic agencies. And their mission is to improve the music industry globally.


Musicians had been working at audio stocks for many years, and they know for sure how it’s important to find unique, useable, and quality music. That’s why they created a website where everyone would be able to find something for one’s likings. 


Once you entered Taketones, the first things that your eyes seize will be a search bar and music categories. You can search for music by genre, mood, purpose, and popular tunes, or just use a search bar right away. It’s very convenient and time-saving, isn’t it? By the way, their music library keeps constantly up to date. So, you can be sure that you’ll get exactly what you need easily and quickly. 


To download music, you need to create an account at Taketones website. To register, click on a person icon, choose “Create account”, and enter your email, create a strong password and select your activity type (company, vlogger, film/TV production, public places, freelancer, app/game/software company and other). And talking about licenses, the platform provides four professional rights (including a Creative Commons one) and subscription plans allowing unlimited downloads. 




Final notes 



We discussed the importance of using musical accompaniment for videos, the possible issues with using copyrighted songs. And also, learned what copyright-free music is and why it’s an excellent substitute for accredited songs. Hopefully, the information given in the article will be handy and now you better understand how and where you can get the songs without sacrificing the quality and your artistic aims.