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DaVinci Resolve vs Premiere Pro

DaVinci Resolve vs Premiere Pro

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

DaVinci Resolve



DaVinci Resolve is a professional non-linear video editing software. This is a good opportunity to try something new that may surprise you.






The program can be described as complex - in one place there are tools for editing video, audio, motion graphics, and export.


An easy-to-use, well-structured workflow - from adding files to editing them, working with effects in the Fusion tab, color grading, sound enhancements, and then rendering and saving the file.



Color correction



Resolve started out as a color grading tool. Therefore, this section is his pride and his greatest strength.


The program provides many tools for working with color, which can help take your videos to the next level and get closer to achieving a truly cinematic picture.


In particular, I want to point out that DaVinci is very good at color grading with the Mask tool. The function works much faster and more accurately than similar programs.



Technical highlights



  • ● Copes with the synchronization of various sources;

  • ● Platform independence, the ability to work on projects on a Mac or PC, regular updates for new codecs and cameras;

  • ● You can edit almost any format without worrying about compatibility;

  • ● Some programs write and save large amounts of rendering data that fill up hard drives. DaVinci doesn't have this problem as it deletes the render files when finished.



Big and only flaw



You can get up to speed quickly with DaVinci if you've worked with other non-linear video editors.


But the interface is a little confusing, especially for beginners, and it can be a problem when it comes to software like this that offers a lot of features.


Certain areas of Resolve often leave inexperienced users in a quandary. For example, the "Fusion" tab can hang over the soul of novice editors for a long time as an unknown "black hole".


Although the program's capabilities allow you to quickly edit the workspace, I would say that with a little experience, Resolve is not your best friend.




Adobe Premiere Pro



Adobe Premiere Pro is a program that allows you to perform non-linear video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro is the perfect tool for any post-processing or video editing process. It should be noted that the system uses the program of many well-known experts in the film industry.



Video editor interface



The program's interface contains many components - windows, palettes, and toolbars, but its apparent complexity is deceiving. It is very convenient to work with it due to its functionality and compactness.


The products that make up the Adobe Production Studio line are now linked by a unified technological design.


The program interface, which previously caused a lot of complaints from users of programs from other manufacturers, has been radically redesigned. Forget about overlapping palettes - there are no overlapping palettes in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. Instead of palettes, interconnected groups of windows appeared. When you resize one group, the size of the other groups is automatically resized. The currently active window is surrounded by an orange border.



Key features



The program has its own work area, which you need to get used to. There are no particular difficulties in learning, you just need to get a little closer to the product's capabilities and video editing will become simple and understandable. The workspace has a flexible interface, each user can customize it for himself.


To work with the program, you must have basic knowledge of video, in particular, what is the aspect ratio of frames, frame rate, scan, and others. All of these basic concepts need to be learned in order to skillfully manage the capabilities of Adobe Premiere. The main line of files is processed using the TimeLine panel, here you can add new clips by sorting them. There is a Source panel for previewing clips.



Pluses of the program



Let's briefly list the main advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro:


  • ● The program interface is as convenient as possible (there are no "extra" buttons, scales, knobs, etc.) and intuitive;

  • ● The trimming function is quite well thought out. You can perform high-quality trimming solely with the mouse, or go to dynamic trimming using the keyboard;

  • ● Almost all operations in the program can be performed using hot keys. If necessary, everyone can customize the layout individually. There is also synchronization of Adobe Premiere Pro settings through the Creative Cloud service. Thus, the user can use personal settings for hotkeys, etc. on any computer;

  • ● Working with audio is extremely convenient. Audio Clip Mixer makes this process easy and enjoyable. You can even use the automatic recording of cue points directly in the mixer;

  • ● Premiere Pro is very stable in its work. You will almost never encounter program crashes or freezes;


You can enumerate the advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro for quite a long time, but it's still better to move from "theory" to practice and evaluate the brainchild of Adobe in practice.






Adobe Premiere Pro pricing varies depending on whether it is purchased separately or as part of the Creative Cloud App Collection. The monthly use of a separate program will cost a private user $ 23. The price also includes the new Premiere Rush app, 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Portfolio.


The standard Creative Cloud collection price is RUB 4,097. per month. Students and educators who have verified their affiliation with an educational institution can use the collection for as little as $ 22 per month.


For organizations, there are increased tariffs - from $ 88 per month for each license. However, for schools and universities, the costs will be only $ 40 per month for one license.


Unlimited licenses no longer apply to the program. Adobe Premiere Pro has rightfully gained wide popularity not only among professional editors but also among amateurs. Despite the wide range of possibilities, it provides to everyone, the program is offered at a very attractive price. This value for money makes it the best video editing tool out there.