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Royalty Free Energetic Rock Music for Crazy Summer Videos

Royalty Free Energetic Rock Music for Crazy Summer Videos

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Summer's coming, and that means tons of fresh, hot, exciting videos full of sun energy. Drive energy to your project with upbeat rock music that will increase the level of the video’s memorability and add a fresh final touch.


We’ve picked the coolest Rock tracks from our royalty free music library and put them together into the Upbeat Rock Collection.


These tracks are so emotional that the videos will catch the attention from the very first seconds and lead to the action.


Try not to move while listening!




Royalty Free Upbeat Energetic Rock Music



We Are Legends


Driving and bold track featuring fat fuzz guitar, powerful stomps, and vocal lead.


For sports and active lifestyle video, energetic ads, stadium events.



Wings of Freedom


Groovy and catchy, this track creates a determined and confident mood. 


Featured: roaring electric guitar, analog synthesizers, and old-school breakbeat drums.





Fast uplifting Indie Rock track that creates a positive, party mood. For summer commercials, action, and sports videos.


Featured: electric guitar, drums, claps, vocal heys.



Explosive Mix


Energetic and positive rock track with male vocals. Creates an easy-going atmosphere of a party on a beach.


Featured: dirty electric guitar, vintage indie drums, vocal hooks, groovy percussion, punchy bass.



Chaos Patrol


Aggressive rock track with heavy metal elements that creates an edgy and fist-pumping mood.


Ideal background for extreme sports video, fights, monster machines videos



Listen to all Energetic Rock tracks here.