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Free Music for drone videos

Free Music for drone videos

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Royalty Free Ambient Drone Collection

Do you want to enrich your video project with fascinating smooth drone footage? This is an excellent idea!



Drone footage can hold the audience’s attention through the scale, inspiration, and beauty that is inherent in aerial shots.


The tracks from the Ambient Drone Collection are perfect for such videos. They are deep, magnetic, and inspiring.


Listen to the playlist and choose what suits you best.



Captivating Royalty-Free Music for Drone Footage






Drown In You


This track features deep piano, soundscapes, muffled drums, and light percussion. All together they dazzle and inspire.



Deep Cold Ocean


If you’re looking for an ideal soundtrack for time-lapse or flowing aerial shots, look no further. This ambient track is just what you need. It’s cosmic.





Do you need to convey the silence of dawn and emphasize the calmness of the water? Just listen to the intro of this track. The piano sound is so deep that makes your skin crawl.





Want to capture smooth motion like a bird flying or a boat floating slowly at sunset? This track has a slight rhythmic ripple that will help you emphasize movement or the progress of time. The soft piano will immerse the viewer in your video.



Magic Sunrise


Do you have aerial shots of mountains, lakes, or maybe the ocean at dawn? This positive spatial music will pair well with the warm colors in your footage.



Listen to the full Ambient Drone Collection here. Or search through the whole TakeTones music library to find your perfect track.