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10 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Social Media

10 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Social Media

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

You have created an account on YouTube, and now you need a target audience. The promotion of a new channel is a complex and strenuous process. How to gain subscribers to your channel with social media?
We offer 10 tips for promotion in social networks. Let's take a closer look.




Different content for different networks



Of course, you should share your video content in as many social networks as possible. But avoid posting the same information on all platforms. Classify the networks by the audience and supported formats and create promotional content according to these aspects.


For example, share backstage photos on Instagram, post teasers and links to your video in Facebook and announce new episodes on Twitter.


Well, you may cross-post some content to all the social media sites, but always place something unique on each.




Create a strong bio on each platform



No matter where you promote your YouTube channel, people who see your content for the first time will likely be interested in who you are and what you do. That’s why you need to fill the portfolio or bio in any social media carefully. Describe your experience, write an attractive bio and give viewers a reason to follow you. 



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Probably that’s the major way of promoting your channel in social media. To gain viewers and subscribers you need to post links everywhere it’s appropriate.


Each time you mention your video you must leave a link to let people watch it. Also, link to your channel or latest video in your bio and regularly update that link to keep the content fresh.




If you have a brand – I bet you do, since you have a YouTube channel – create and use a custom hashtag. Why use it? Any time a new viewer clicks on your custom hashtag, they are headed to all your video posts marked with this hashtag. This way you can get more views and followers on YouTube. Moreover, if you use popular hashtags, your posts get put together with all the other posts with the same hashtag. It’s a good way to make your video searchable for new viewers looking for a particular content.




Besides linking to each video on your Youtube channel, create playlists of your most popular videos, or with thematic compilations. This will hook new viewers and encourage to watch more.


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Don’t ignore the interaction with your audience. Encourage them to like and share your posts, place call-to-action in each YouTube video you make. It may seem obvious and a little too easy, but it works! Just offer your viewers to subscribe to your channel and watch other videos, or ask to leave comments on the topic you raised in your video. Such activity will make your video rank higher in social networks and get more reach.  



Build a community

Social networks are a great place to reach out to your followers. You can create polls, share opinions, and answer the questions regarding the area you cover on your YouTube channel, or just chat with your audience. Such a presence will make you considered an expert and work for promoting your channel without any investments.



Post other useful information

Despite the aforesaid is so motivating, don’t hurry to inundate social media pages with the links to your video on YouTube and related photos. At one point this will get overwhelming and looking like a spam.


Post other useful information instead. Figure out what your audience is interested in and provide them with something they will like. Be creative and turn new viewers into loyal followers.



Be consistent and active

Regularity is really important. Come up with a clear content plan and stick to it. Follow a strict schedule of uploading your videos to the channel, for example, once or twice a week. Then decide how often you can post and interact on social media pages and try to never disappear for a long time.

Stay active and open with your followers, inform them when you’re going to be inactive in order not to lose connection.


Use services for scheduled posting to save your time and keep all pieces of content in order and on hand. 


Content Studio - one of social media publishing tools


Plan and analyze

The content plan is a great stride towards raising your channel’s position, but it’s not enough only to follow it and post the right content on time. Measure and analyze your progress and social media activity’s effectiveness.


Statistics on screen


 Now all major social networks offer analytics tools, so you can easily figure out what types of content work better on each platform and make necessary changes. Be agile, consider your audience’s activity and reaction and respond to it.


By the way, don’t neglect setting certain goals – a number of new subscribers each week or leading a video to YouTube Trending by the next month – this step is really important as it helps you clearly understand what is already done and what needs to be improved in your promotion strategy.