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7 Best Books About Video Marketing Ever Written

7 Best Books About Video Marketing Ever Written

WRITTEN BY : Frank Hamilton

In the last two decades, we've experienced rapid growth in technology and the digitization of most marketing initiatives. This evolution has also coincided with an immense competition for places online by brands of all kinds.



The effectiveness of a marketing campaign is what will set a business apart from its competitors. And many channels can be used to achieve this. Video marketing stands out from other marketing channels and boasts arguably the highest ROI potential.


You could be running a massive social media and advertising brand, like Facebook, or a beverage king, like Starbucks. Or maybe a more moderate-sized, quirky e-commerce portal, like Oddity Mall, or a paper writing review service like Online Writers Rating.


Every business/brand of every size and business objective can benefit significantly from video marketing — if only they knew how.


Donald Fomby, Marketing Pro at Best Writers Online, a custom writing review service, describes video marketing the "heartbeat" of every marketing campaign. It is that important.


But how do you gain the knowledge you need to create an impactful video marketing strategy? We've put together a list of notable video marketing books for this purpose. These books are some of the best marketing books to read with a focus on video.




1. Storytelling Through Video


Storytelling is a concept of relaying information that can grab and keep the attention of any audience. This art is utilized a lot of times by copywriters and to significant effect too.


So it only makes sense that merging the most effective marketing content — video — and the most impactful message relaying strategy — storytelling — can drive massive results for your business.


But quite often, business leaders know what this means theoretically, they don't have the slightest idea how to go about it. Patrick Fuller's book, published in 2019, was written with the video marketing novice in mind.


In Storytelling Through Video, Fuller helps the reader to achieve video marketing success through an insightful 7-step process. These steps will help you communicate your brand story in a way that transfixes your audience while boosting your business reputation, awareness, revenue.


You will be able to efficiently plan, create, and promote your video content online with the tried-and-tested strategies in this book.




2. Video Marketing Benefits for Small Businesses


Next on our list of marketing books, shows the scope of video beyond brand marketing and sales. In this book, the author Dorothy Chambers shows that while a video can be used for marketing purposes, the video content can itself also be the product.


Video Marketing Benefits For Small Businesses focuses on how to leverage video content as an educational tool. This is, of course, without losing its powers of engagement.


Chambers shows the reader the benefits of designing video products. He then guides the reader through the entire process.


She shows how to select your video product's subject and craft a potent outline and script. She also reveals the tools you need for making your video product, how to sell it, and more.


The best part is that this book succeeds in packing a wealth of video-related knowledge into just 70 pages.




3. Youtube For Real Estate Agents


Youtube works just like Google's SERPs in the way it brings you organic traffic. And with the show-and-tell nature of videos, Youtube is a perfect platform for real estate agents. Here, they can show not just their listings but also their experience, expertise, and personality.


Karin Carr is very clear about the apparent downsides of cold calling and door knocking real estate sales tactics. Carr states that 70% of her leads come from free Youtube traffic with zero ad spend.


Whether you're just starting out or already have a Youtube channel, this book will show you how to revamp and deposition your channel for real estate success. It will show you how to appear compelling to clients.


Carr also reveals how to avoid the familiar and lesser-known video creation mistakes that kill your lead generation potential. And again, she does all these in 92 pages.




4. Watch This!


This book is ideal for B2B marketers who know that they could be doing better with their video marketing campaigns. "Video should take up at least a quarter of marketing budget," says author David Spark.


This budgeting tip is just one of the little nuggets of wisdom he outlines in Watch This! But beyond that, Spark's writing follows a format that is easy to digest. He offers up a plethora of B2B video marketing "how-to" tips. These tips are then backed up by numerous researches on how many B2B companies are handling their video marketing strategy.


Watch This! is the largest book on this list so far. And at 124 pages, it is still very much a quick read. You can begin to apply the stuff in this book the same day you read it.




5. Video Marketing Secrets


This is one of the best video marketing books that emphasize the connection between video marketing and cost-effective marketing budget.


Video Marketing Secrets acts as a salve for small business owners who are scared to leverage video marketing because they think it's a costly undertaking. In this book, Gary Dean Cassady dispels that thinking to ruthless effect.


In this book, Gary reveals how businesses can leverage inexpensive items, tools, and social media to create and share their videos on the cheap or for free.


The information in this book promises to raise consumer interest in your brand, boost your results on search engines, and more quickly.


What's more? The book is only 36 pages long!




6. The Introvert's Video Marketing Blueprint


So it turns out that introverts make some of the best videos — only if they can get past the mindset and confidence hurdles that stand in their way. The author, Mr. Amani Channel, is proof that this is possible.


He used to be an anxious and scared reporter. He had also botched enough live TV appearances to make any reporter go into early retirement. Today, however, Amani is a seasoned journalist with a robust portfolio that includes many high-profile networks.


He distills the secrets he used to get himself to this point into six powerful steps outlined in this 28-page book.


The Introvert's Video Marketing Blueprint shows professional video creation steps from planning to publishing with affordable equipment. Also, Amani Channel shows how he conquered his fear, amplified his confidence in his voice and appearance, and developed the mindset for a career in front of the camera.




7. Become a Content Brand


This book reads like an exhaustive FAQ for the world of video marketing. The inspiration for Become A Content Brand draws from years of the author's wealth of experience as Chief Marketing Officer in one of the most reputable Video Agencies in the United States.


In this book, Chris Carter answers critical video marketing-related questions that speak to various aspects of the marketing initiative.


You'll learn the difference between hiring influencers and doing your videos yourself. You'll learn:


●       The video types and resolutions that are best

●       How viral videos work

●       Whether simple iPhone videos are sufficient

●       What social media channels to use for your video marketing

●       Where the future of video marketing lies and how to position yourself for it


Like the title says, if you want to become a brand known for and by its premium content, this 233-page video marketing book is for you.




Final Words


It doesn't matter whether you're an affiliate marketer, a business with its own products/services, or a marketing agency. The video marketing books on this list will prove to be some of the best marketing books you'll ever have to read.




Author's BIO:

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing, and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German, and English.