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Light and Gentle Royalty-Free Music for Love Story Videos

Light and Gentle Royalty-Free Music for Love Story Videos

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Love is hard to define and explain, but easy to feel, see, and hear. An old man playing with a child; close friends helping each other in need; a couple kissing in the rain - love exists in different forms and tints. 


Music can convey special emotions straight to the heart, and it means a lot when it comes to setting a romantic mood. The right music can express tenderness, delicacy, and passion without a word.


Add emotions to your project. Show love through light and inspiring music. Let your video convey the feeling of love and joy with heartwarming, intimate sound.


We've picked the most beautiful tracks that can express a range of human emotions from enjoyment to longing and love. These tracks make up the Love Story Collection.


Listen to the playlist and choose the tracks that suit you best.




Light and Gentle Royalty-Free Music for Love Story Videos



Romantic by Jam Morgan


Warm and flowing piano introduction that leads to a solemn body featuring orchestral arrangement. Ideal for romantic movie scenes and love stories.


Tempo: 100 BPM



Beyond a Dream by Paul Keane 


A pulsing and radiant track which is a mix of ambient and pop music. Soft, gentle sounds create a heartfelt and a bit sad mood. Perfect for social videos, timelapse, and nostalgic scenes.


Tempo: 120 BPM



Course of Time by Alex Stoner


A gentle, sad, floating piano melody that creates introspection and sentimental mood. For calm and thoughtful videos, timelapse, and dramatic moments. 


Tempo: 90 BPM



Power of Love by Diana Taylor


Elegant and soft piano music that inspires and touches the heart. Flowing piano melody and a steady pulse bring a gorgeous dash to a cinematic project, wedding, romantic, and love video.


Tempo: 70 BPM



My Valentine by Jam Morgan


Peaceful and soothing low-tempo music that creates gentle and sensual moods. A soft melody sets up a dreamy atmosphere. Good for emotional videos, commercials, love stories, TV shows, and more.


Tempo: 60 BPM



Whether you use music as a background or emphasize the most important moments with the sound, it can certainly enhance your story. 


Listen to the full Love Story Collection here. Or search through the whole TakeTones music library to find your perfect track.