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Useful Tips that Help You to Write a Great Video Script

Useful Tips that Help You to Write a Great Video Script

WRITTEN BY : Erica Sunarjo

Whether you want to start a YouTube career, outsource your video editing skills or create promotional videos for your online store, scriptwriting matters greatly. Outlining your message, video’s structure and style of delivery before the camera rolls can solidify its effects on the end-viewers.



According to Social Media Today, 90% of viewers say that videos are helpful in purchase and commitment decision processes. In addition, 80% of users recall a video if they have seen it in the last month, while 40% take action shortly thereafter.


Video content is highly useful due to its accessibility and viral nature, making video script writing is a great investment for your future career development. With that, let’s take a look at several practical tips which will help you write a great script for your next video production project.




Who is your Audience?



The pivotal part of writing your video script is nailing down who your audience is at the end of the day. Different demographics and people of various lifestyle backgrounds will expect that video content presented to them is catered specifically to their group.


Decide on whom your audience is early, before any tangible writing takes place – your message will be that much more effective as a result. Cynthia Avery, Head of Content Development at Subjecto offered a few words on the topic: "Think about what you want to accomplish with your video. Chances are that a word relating to your audience will find its way into that answer. Don’t try to appease everyone – video content which aims to please every viewer often doesn’t please anyone – commit to a segmented audience base."




Do you have an established voice?



Finding inspiration in your favorite YouTube creators and scriptwriters is a great way to start developing a career of your own. However, you should try and develop a unique voice in your video scriptwriting as soon as possible to carve out a personal niche.


One of the best ways for people to recognize you as a video creator is by the content of the videos themselves. Speak plainly, speak honestly, and the right audience will identify with your delivery style shortly thereafter. Once that happens, your unique voice will be enough to bring new viewers and make your video content more appealing to a wider audience.




Are there hidden production costs?



At the beginning of your video script writing career, it’s best to be cautious about production costs and logistical filming requirements. Chances are that you won’t have a built-in audience base from day one, and production costs can creep into your personal savings fairly quickly.


You can utilize writing platforms such as Studyker and Evernote to break down your video scripts and notice hidden production requirements early on. Additionally, you can use royalty-free audio content in your videos to cut down on production costs and still maintain a level of professional quality. Put these creative endeavors aside for the time being and save them for special occasions, milestone videos, and other unique video script writing opportunities.




How long is your video?



When it comes to video production and online appeal, it’s best to keep your content short and to the point. Depending on the type of video script you are writing (explanation, review, demonstration, etc.), the final product will vary in length and approachability.


Not many people want to sit and watch 20+ minute videos, especially if the video producer is still unknown to them. Work on streamlining your flow of information so that the viewer can get hooked in the first minute and then have the option to continue. Go through your script and cut out parts which repeat information and make sure to keep your animations and transitions subtle in the final product.




How approachable is your lingo?



Going back to the factor of audience and demographic groups – how experienced are in you in writing captivating and understandable video scripts? When it comes to video production, it’s good to assume that your content will be seen by people whose familiarity with the content varies drastically.


As such, it’s good to keep your vocabulary simple and to eliminate overly technical or complex wording from the video script. Do yourself and your viewers a favor and use writing tools such as Write Scout and Hemingway Editor once the script is somewhat written. This goes especially if you are writing your video script for a group of actors or collaborators who have to perform the words aloud.




What do you want the viewer to do after?



Your video script should allude to what the audience is supposed to do with the information you’ve presented them with afterward. Do you want to boost sales on your website? Do you want the viewers to go to a particular storefront and use a coupon you’ve provided them with? The so-called "call to action" should find its way into your video script, at least as a concluding statement.


Ideally however, you can announce that the viewers should "stick around for more info later" in the introductory segment. That way, viewers will be more inclined to watch your video regardless of its length (as we’ve discussed previously). Keep your call to action in mind when writing the script to ensure that viewers have a practical takeaway available once the video is over.




In conclusion



The fact of the matter is that your first scriptwriting project won’t be perfect – and that’s totally OK. Practice makes perfect, and you should take the tips and advice we’ve mentioned into consideration when you take on your next video script writing project.


Listen to feedback from your viewers and content creator colleagues in order to grow as a video maker. You have a unique personality and style of delivery no one else shares – use it to your advantage and give something new to the audience.




Bio: Erica Sunarjo is a Marketing Specialist and Content Creator at Top Essay Writing and Classy Essay writing services. Her professional career is dedicated to bridging the gap between content marketing theory and practice for the benefit of online readers.