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Christmas Music for your Winter Projects

Christmas Music for your Winter Projects

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Background Christmas music is what you definitely need for your Christmas-related projects and activities. It can evoke the holiday feeling just as the scent of the Christmas tree and gingerbread.


Our composers have done a wonderful job and crafted bright and festive royalty free Christmas tracks that will envelop you in the holiday atmosphere and make you believe in miracles.


Listen to the playlist and pick the tracks that suit you best.




The Best Royalty Free Christmas Music





A happy and bright Christmas track featuring orchestral strings, bells, and chimes that creates a heartwarming mood.



New Year


An inspiring cinematic holiday track that gives a good feeling and reminds of the childhood. This music will perfectly pair the image of Santa flying in his sleigh. Perfect for movie production.



Christmas Snow


Uplifting and cheerful, this Christmas track creates the mood of miracles. Features harp, piano, strings, and bells, which make the sound lighthearted and positive.



Christmas Joy


Bright and bouncy Christmas royalty free music with the gentle beginning and epic strong buildup with full orchestral sound. Perfect for corporate videos, advertising, films, and various marketing campaigns.



Time for Gifts


A joyful and upbeat Christmas track featuring orchestral strings, bells, chimes, and percussion. Great soundtrack for cartoons and kids-oriented projects.



Listen to all the Christmas tracks here