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3 Must-Have Videos for Your Business

3 Must-Have Videos for Your Business

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

It’s not a new idea that video plays a central role in digital marketing today.  In 2016 Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook's executive predicted that the platform will be all video in less than five years. It’s time for every business to start creating videos. 


Here are 3 basic videos to begin with.



1. The Overview


This is a short summary of what your company/project is and how it can help people. Such video can work for awareness-raising and gaining consumer’s confidence.


It should be brief and friendly. You may highlight your company’s mission or founding story if it responds to customers’ needs and values. 



2. The Team


It’s always interesting to know who is working on the product you use and all the behind-the-scenes stuff.


People like to see people. It builds trust and makes customers feel confident about your company.


This may be a B-roll video interview (or series of few) with the staff or a video of the team in action. Another approach is to use a “Talking head” – introduce one member of your team who will explain the company’s mission, talk about the working process and reveal some secrets.



3. The Testimonials


What others say about you is more valuable and trustworthy than what you say about yourself. Comments and stories from real customers can form the potential client’s opinion and help to decide between you and a competitor. 


Target your ideal candidates for video testimonials; ask them to tell their “stories of success”, set the timeline and explain to people what to say in video and how long it should be to get something really useful.


Video testimonial should be quick enough (1-2 min), positive and enthusiastic. And here’s the rule “the more the better” – several brief comments from different people will be more convincing than one long story. 


You may shoot and edit video on your own or hire a professional. While the company overview better be done with a professional camera, “behind the scenes” videos and testimonials may be created with just a smartphone and look more credible, unlike too polished professional videos.


Here on Taketones.com you can find free background music for all the above-mentioned videos. It may play throughout the video, or appear in the beginning and the end, acting as “bookends”, or come out in pauses between voiceover in B-roll video.