Single Music Licenses

On our website there are 5 different licenses that we have developed for all kinds of tasks. These licenses allow you to use our music for absolutely different purposes, from home videos to movies. When you purchase music, you recieve a zip archive with all versions of tracks and a license in PDF with a unique number.
IMPORTANT: The license is valid for one end product. One product - one license.
You can buy our royalty free licensed music for advertising, YouTube content, film broadcasting, software, video games, vlogs, public shows using as a background music for restaurant or cafe and so on. Our mission is to make quality music accessible for everyone who needs it. If you can't choose the right license for your project, read this article -
TakeTones' Music Licensing System. Ultimate Guide
If you received a claim for YouTube, and you have a TakeTones license, read our article on how to remove a claim from your YouTube video, here

Single Video Template Licenses:

TakeTones.com offers two types of licenses for video templates to cover all of your needs. Choosing a license is easy: If your end product will be available for free, then the Standard License is all you need. For example, you can buy a video logo using the Standard License and publish your end product on your YouTube channel. If you plan to sell your end product, then you’ll need an Extended License. For example, you will need an Extended License if you use purchased animations in a mobile application that you sell.

Single Sound Effect Licenses:

You may choose either a Standard or Extended license for sound effects. Both of these licenses are for commercial use; in other words, both allow you to sell your end product. The difference between these licenses is only in the method by which you are permitted to distribute your end product. If your end product will be broadcast on the radio or on television (in an ad, as part of the news, in a TV show), you will need an Extended License.For all other distribution methods, you may use a Standard License.
You can also learn about our subscription plans and unlimited downloads