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YouTube trends: how the choice of music

YouTube trends: how the choice of music

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Music is one of the most important factors, influencing the final quality of your video product. In the era of video marketing, it was video content that took the lead on all lists of the best tools for promoting products or services on the Internet. Most often, this kind of video content is accompanied by music in order to enhance the desired effect or cause a certain reaction from the viewer.



In order to find the necessary music, problems usually do not arise. Nowadays, there are a large number of sites like Taketones.com that distribute royalty-free music for just such needs. The process of choosing the right music for a particular video is much more complicated.


Because of the important role music plays in assessing the final quality of a video, choosing the right track can be disastrous, even to the point of ruining all your video-making efforts. There can be no mistakes, and therefore our article was created in order to tell you how important it is to choose the right music for your videos.




The numbers





If our opinion is not enough for you, statistics show that about 30% of YouTube users are sure that music is the decisive factor for them in the final evaluation of the video quality. This data was obtained after a survey conducted by the Lickd platform, which also showed that about a third of respondents prefer to hear familiar music in videos.


We are talking about popular artists, whose tracks can be obtained after negotiations with copyright holders. However, it is important to remember that such deals usually hit the wallet seriously, since the tracks of popular musicians are very expensive. And even a 15-second snippet of a popular song can bankrupt a small company.


The same third of those surveyed said that music is not only one of the most important factors, but is crucial. They are sure that the wrong music can make the video unbearable, just as the right composition will take even a bad video to a new level. These same people put music first in the list of the most important things they pay attention to when watching videos. Yes, oddly enough, for a third of the respondents, high-quality and correctly selected music are more important factors than the quality of the video itself or its meaning and plot.




Royalty-free music is still the best option?





In fact, yes. Despite the fact that a third of those surveyed prefer to listen to the music of popular artists, representatives of the video promotion industry continue to use royalty-free music for their videos. Why is this happening? The answer is simple: using popular music is not only an expensive pleasure but also an extremely slow process.


Negotiations to reach an agreement on the use of a particular song by a popular artist can take months, depending on the song, artist, and music company being negotiated with. At the same time, you can buy royalty-free music literally in a matter of minutes and in a few clicks, for a more than reasonable price. The only process that can take you enough time in this matter is finding and choosing the exact song that you need.


Fortunately, high-quality online libraries of royalty-free music were concerned about making this process as smooth and fast as possible for their users. A quality platform provides its visitors with a convenient and advanced search engine that can be customized with maximum precision, depending on the purpose of your video. From tags such as genre and type of song to the desired mood, emotion, or even the purpose of a particular video. Yes, music can be selected, knowing only why the video was created. This is a very common situation in the field of video marketing when no one thought about what emotions should be caused in the viewers, and the only accurate information that is available is the purpose of the video. For example, the promotion of a particular service or product.


And yet the problem has not gone anywhere - 30 percent of viewers are tired of hearing the same type of tracks from online libraries that they hear on various YouTube channels and in various video clips. How to deal with this issue?


In order to avoid the appearance of this feeling among users, the creators of the video go to various tricks, masking the royalty-free music as much as possible. Accelerating a track, running it backward, or editing music with the addition of other tracks - all these methods are quite effective and help to get rid of "somewhere I've heard this before" thought. In addition, you need to look for a really high-quality platform with royalty-free music. On some of them, if you are lucky, you can find a huge selection of author's and unique compositions, created just recently, which simply could not be used by anyone else before.










Ultimately, you can of course bypass all the rules and laws and use a popular song in your video. But don't be surprised if in a few moments YouTube will remove monetization from such a video. And this is at best. At worst, the video will be deleted and the channel will receive a strike.


The video needs to be done with high quality. And to make a video of high quality, you need to make it honestly. And this is the first question with which you should not have any alternatives. After that, there is a huge amount of royalty-free music on the Internet at your service. And if you devote enough time and attention to choosing the right music for your video, the result will be positive for both you and the viewers.