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TakeTones vs Pixabay music

TakeTones vs Pixabay music

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

In this detailed comparison, we'll take a look at two music venues, Pixabay Music and TakeTones royalty free music, to determine which one is best for your video project.


Each royalty free music library provides different licenses that allow you to do different things. This means that the smooth operation of music files on the Internet with full transparency of rights from the very beginning is critical. No one wants to spend a lot of time looking for a good track that can't be used for commercial purposes or that will cost a lot to pay for.


Since almost everything in the world passes before our eyes and through our ears, it is normal that different platforms will begin to specialize in different niches of the creative asset industry. One platform may offer excellent sound effects, but with a mediocre musical selection. Another platform might have a best-in-class music library, but no sound effects available for download.


Today we propose to consider two rather strong music platforms, Taketones and Pixabay music, so that you can accurately decide which one suits you best.







A convenient and beautiful interface is what the user sees first of all when entering a web resource. At this point, your company is evaluated and compared with competitors. Based on the design of the site, the user gets the impression of the level of the company. This is due to the fact that quite often visiting the site is the first contact of a potential client with your organization. Graphic design clearly positions the company, and the quality of the site design allows you to assess your level of respect and attitude towards customers.


If we are talking about the Pixabay interface, then the simple design of this site, created using a minimum number of visual elements, focuses the attention of visitors on the very essence, music or photo files. And from an aesthetic point of view, it does not have a special appeal. Pixabay focuses on the content, not on the features of its design. Due to the absence of unnecessary elements, the music that the user can download directly comes to the fore.


The interface of the TakeTones platform is much brighter and more interesting than the first one. From the first glance, you plunge into the incredible atmosphere of professionalism, high-quality music and the euphoria of professionalism. Dark background, perfect for every mood and genre of the picture. Here the meaning is in the details, each element has its own important purpose. TakeTones has a residual amount of free space, which allows you to better view all the elements of the site.




Music Library





There's a lot going on across all music platforms. This is the site experience itself, social media profiles, supporting content, search features, filtering, customization, licensing, subscription and more. These are all important aspects of the platform to consider when choosing, as they have all risen to the top positions in the royalty free music ecosystem over the years.


Low quality music, which as an advantage, will be free even for commercial use on the world wide web, but if we are talking about high quality music and licenses, then the film will be quite high and the differences between top platforms may be insignificant.


Pixabay takes a wholesale approach to business. They have a large library of different assets, making it a prime candidate for general projects that need a little bit of everything. Pixabay was born into a family of creative entrepreneurs and has since expanded rapidly with a range of assets available.


While the size of a library is important, quality is even more important and is a key factor in this case. If the library is difficult or frustrating to navigate, then you are unlikely to stop to see if the music is worth your time.


TakeTones, although a relatively young platform, understands that a huge amount of stock music on the Internet is tasteless cloned garbage. Driven by a desire to make a difference in the world of internet music, they have created an exclusive music platform where every client can quickly find a high quality product that meets their needs.


The TakeTones team consists of only professional and dedicated musicians, and only the best of their work appears on their website. One of the hallmarks of the ever-growing collection is the way they work with musicians. Once the team finds someone they think has something worthwhile, the team works with them to develop tracks and expand the library.


TakeTones is on the right track that creative people creating exceptional media content should easily find the high quality sound they need. And this is the way TakeTones works.




Music search



Other things being equal, the library's searchability is what can set it apart from the competition. If one platform is easier to search than others, it will get the most traffic. Users always want to quickly find what suits them.


At TakeTones, the search is properly optimized, their customers know that they can easily and quickly find what really suits them in the library.


Getting started is easy. On the main page of TakeTones there is a search bar where you can enter the name of the mod you are interested in, or immediately below the search bar you will see options for filtering tracks on the site. Just look at the filters and click on them as you wish. Here is the full list of available search filters on TakeTones:


  • ● Genre

  • ● Mood

  • ● Usage types

  • ● Instruments



In Pixabay, you can also filter by genre, movement, theme, or mood, and these include several other filters that you can access after entering a search term on the main page (don't forget to indicate in the top line meu that you are interested in music).


Filters are incredibly useful, which is why you see various free music platforms experimenting with the filters they offer. Only trial and error will help you determine which set is best for you, so start looking and try a few filters you haven't considered. Who knows, but you may find something that will surprise you.









Under the Pixabay License, you are granted an irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive and royalty-free right to use the music for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Attribution of the author of the work is not required, but always welcome.


The Pixabay license does not allow:


  • ● Selling or distributing Content, such as music files or physical products, without adding any additional elements or otherwise adding value.

  • ● Any suggestion of support for products and services by the individuals, brands, vocalists and organizations depicted, unless permission has been obtained.



Please be aware that while all Content on Pixabay is free to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes, elements of Content such as trademarks, audio samples, etc. may be subject to additional copyright, proprietary, privacy rights. rights, trademarks, etc., and may require third party consent or a license to these rights, especially for commercial applications. Pixabay does not represent or warrant that such consents or licenses have been obtained and expressly disclaims any liability in this regard.


Although there is no charge for using the media, it is always appreciated when you credit a composer as it provides access to their work and encourages them to keep sharing. Although not required, Pixabay also allows users to make donations to musicians.


TakeTones has 5 different licenses that they have developed for all sorts of tasks. These licenses allow you to use the music for completely different purposes, from home video to commercial films. When buying music, you get a zip archive with all track versions and a PDF license with a unique number.


But you need to remember that the license is valid for one end product. One product - one license.


You can buy royalty-free licensed music from TakeTones for advertising, YouTube content, movie broadcasts, software, video games, vlogs, public shows, using as background music for a restaurant or cafe, and so on. TakeTones mission is to make quality music available to everyone who needs it.


More about the different types of TakeTones license:


  1. 1. free music for personal, non-commercial use;

  3. 2. social networks and student projects - $8.9;

  5. 3. Internet advertising, education, games - $29;

  7. 4. radio or television - $99;

  9. 5. unlimited use - $199.


You never know what you will find, but you know that you will find exactly what you need.