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Royalty Free Romantic Music for St. Valentine's Day

Royalty Free Romantic Music for St. Valentine's Day

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Even if St. Valentine's Day was invented by flower sellers, it's still a nice opportunity to show our love and care. And it's also a great occasion for bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to connect with the audience and run creative promo campaigns. 


Whether you're about to launch an advert or want to create a love-story video for your sweetheart, you can't do without soft romantic music that will magnify the tenderness and add emotions. 


We've picked a few gentle and sentimental royalty free tracks from our library to wrap up your creative St. Valentine's projects. By the way, this music can be an ideal background for a romantic date. 


Listen to the playlist and choose the tracks that suit you best.



The Sweetest Royalty Free Romantic Music



Night Sky


A light and gentle romantic track featuring piano and orchestra that creates a heartwarming optimistic mood. Great background for love stories and wedding videos.





Inspiring and heartfelt music that evokes warm feelings and memories. This track will perfectly pair romantic slideshows, film trailers, and thoughtful commercials.



Moments of Tenderness


One more sentimental piano track for love and family videos. Also features strings and bells, that make the sound flowing and lighthearted.



That Gentle Feeling


A beautiful and gentle smooth jazz that creates a totally relaxing mood. Slow chillout music is perfect for bars and restaurants and sets the tone for romantic dates.



Above the Clouds


An airy and peaceful track featuring light percussion, warm grand piano, and strings. Creates intimate vibe and evokes sweet memories.



Listen to all romantic tracks here.