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Bright Royalty Free Music for Culinary Videos

Bright Royalty Free Music for Culinary Videos

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Tasty content should be accompanied with exciting music that makes the cooking process look easy and funny. 


What music to choose for a food video? First of all, it should be light and breezy to show that there’s nothing difficult in cooking a dish. The music should attract and entertain the viewer and inspire them to do the same. 


Another approach is to select the background music depending on the cuisine or traditions associated with the dish. For example, classic recipes like the roast turkey will work well with jazz or orchestral compositions, while exotic dishes can be accompanied with happy Indie Pop background.


Whether you use the same music for each of your videos or choose different songs according to the recipe, the good music will help to make your channel fresh and interesting. 


We’ve searched among our library and selected a bundle of tracks that can be a good fit for different kinds of cooking videos. They are carefree and bright, and will definitely spice up your culinary vlog.


Listen to the playlist and choose what suits you best.




Light and Optimistic Royalty Free Music for Culinary Video



Jazz Cafe by Jam Morgan


Soft and bouncy music played by a jazz quartet and horns section. A guitar solo improvisation and upright bass part create a confident vintage mood and carefree atmosphere. Good for unhurried videos to show cooking with gusto.  


Tempo: 165 BPM



Good Thoughts by Diana Taylor


Joyful and airy Indie Folk that sets a light and happy mood. This track is a good fit for speeded-up videos, and yet it has slower parts to show the results closely.


Tempo: 88 BPM



Noisy Neighbors by Alex Stoner


An energetic Indie Rock track for bright culinary videos that are full of activity. It can be a good background for steaks and burgers cooking videos, as well as for stop-motion clips. 


Tempo: 216 BPM 



City Lights by Jam Morgan


Easy yet bouncy funky Jazz music that creates a laidback mood. Wah-wah guitars, horns, clarinet, and Hammond organ give a lounge and relaxing atmosphere. This track can convey the feeling of easiness of making a recipe. 


Tempo: 105 BPM



Higher by Monotype


Uplifting hip-hop music that is great for modern engaging videos with royalty free hip hop beats. Bouncy beats and electronic sound effects give an opportunity to create exciting transitions and add graphic elements to emphasize your idea.


Tempo: 90 BPM



Listen to the full Yummy Cooking Collection here. Or search through the whole TakeTones music library to find your perfect track.