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35 Ideas for YouTube Channel in 2022

35 Ideas for YouTube Channel in 2022

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

If you don’t know what type of channel to create, consider these ideas to find the option for you. These ideas will be relevant and popular in 2022, and for each idea, you can find a way of monetization.


The main thing you should come up with is finding your niche. It's best to focus on a narrow theme and try to cover all aspects of it, bringing as much value as possible. Stick to your niche, keep creating videos consistently, learn how to promote them, and you'll succeed.


There are so many examples of YouTube vloggers who started late in 2019 and have got millions of subscribers in no time. It's not too late. If they can do it, surely you can, too.


Let's dive into the list.





1.   Planners


People love to learn how to get more organized and get things done. There are so many options to focus on. You can review different planning systems, teach how to make plans for literally every part of life. Show how to make and use a work planner, a household routine planner, a fitness planner, and plenty of others.


You can design custom planners and sell them or give them to subscribers to monetize and attract traffic. 



2.   How to study


It's useful for schoolers, students, self-learners. Tell how to prepare for the exams, how to memorize more and better, how to read faster and so on. 



3.   Mommy channel


This theme is so broad, you can focus on moms themselves (self-care, postpartum recovery, healthy diet, home business) or on kids (nursing, breastfeeding, activities, education), or on lifehacks for mothers of large families. The possibilities are endless. 



4.   Fitness


Yes, there are tons of fitness videos and channels on YouTube. The trick is to niche down. Make videos for new moms or for those who don't have time for a full workout. Be creative!



5.   Meal planning


It's a part of overall planners yet can be a separate subject. Teach how to meal plan, create meal plans for children, vegans, pregnant women, large families, etc. Add recipes, prep videos, and PDF guides as a way of monetization. 



6.   Organization


This one relates to planning, but it's more about getting things in order. People love to get ideas on how to organize workspace, papers and files, a closet, a room, photos, and many more. Give useful tips or show how you do it every day.



7.    How to grow on social media


With the extreme popularity of social media for building own brand, the demand for tips on growing social channels is sky-high. Pick a certain social platform and delve into it or share hacks that work for all networks.



8.   Home décor


It can be a DIY-channel, tips on decorating different rooms, a review of pieces of decor from different brands, collections of certain aesthetics, etc. 



9.  Tech review


Nobody will buy a gadget without watching at least a few video reviews. If you are a tech geek or can simply explain difficult features, then start a review channel. 



10.   Food


Make sure to focus on a specific diet to find your audience. It can be vegan food, keto diet, gluten-free recipes, etc. You can share recipes, make meal plans, create prep videos.


11.   Kids meal planning


It's a part of Meal Planning that can make for an entirely separate channel. You can vary in a child's age, ingredients, budget, special dietary requirements, and so on. 



12.   Cleaning


It sounds ridiculous, but people really filming themselves clean. Others watch such videos to get motivation and learn how to make the cleaning routine easier. You can show how you clean a closet, a bathroom, a fridge, a car, a garage...well, anything that gets dirty. 



13.   Gardening


Gardening is a passion for thousands of people. If it's your hobby, too, or you have special knowledge, it's a good idea to share it with the target audience. 



14.   Home school


Home education becomes a trend and there are so many questions about it. You can not only create videos but sell courses or offer coaching sessions.



15.   Getting a job


Share tips on making an impressive CV and covering letter, teach how to prepare for an interview, where to search for a dream job, or how to create a strong portfolio. Or film your own job instead. People always want to know what's behind the scenes.



16.   College-based


Here you can tell about college rankings, exams, moving, studying... Basically any theme that relates to a college-student life will do. 



17.   Meditation


This is one more area that is becoming popular among a large audience. Be a meditation guide for beginners, teach how to breathe and relax, create playlists with calm meditation music.



18.   Travel ideas in your area


Even if you don't live in a tourist paradise, there are a lot of people interested in visiting your area. Shoot your city tour, show places that only locals know about, make reviews of local hotels, resorts, and places worth seeing. It's a nice opportunity because you can start from where you are, without a budget. 



19.   Hobby


This might be the best one. Share your experience and step-by-step tutorials, showcase your works, review the tools you use, set up challenges. Eventually, you can make money on teaching others.



20.   Gaming tutorial


If you're a gamer, why not dedicate your channel to the games you play? Game streaming has a huge audience. All you need to start is just a screen recording software and a microphone. You don't even have to show your face - an option for introverts. 



21.  Historic or cool facts


It doesn't even require any filming. Make compilations of interesting facts as a short slideshow or animation, add your voice or only plain text. Such videos usually have a high watch time and a large audience.



22.   Pet videos


Pets are human's best friends, so it's a good idea to start a YouTube channel about your pet. First of all, everybody adores pets for their cuteness, and secondly, you have special knowledge about owning a pet and can share useful information with others.



24.   How-to


Any tutorials, guides, and lifehacks can make up a channel that will blow up. People love watching tutorials, and as YouTube is a second large search engine, they first ask there how to do anything. Make sure to create useful content and learn YouTube SEO basics to get to the top of search results. 



25.   Apps and Software tutorials


With tons of apps and software, it's quite difficult to find the one that you really need. And when you finally get it, it can turn out to be complicated to use. On the apps/software channel, you can make lists of helpful (or useless) programs of any category and show how they work. 



26.   Haul video


You do shopping almost every day, so make double use out of it. Show what you got in a shopping mall or online store and give recommendations. You can turn each trip to a store into a haul video. Groceries, bookstore, dollar store - tell why you buy an item and how good or bad it is. 



27.   Transformation


People love to watch videos of anything that transformed into something better. You can stick to a specific niche - home decor transformation, or makeup (which is a kind of transformation, too), or make videos about any transformation at all. 



28.   Thrift flips


These videos are very popular and have a high watch time. You can make it about clothes, decor, furniture, try to keep within a budget or make it eco-friendly.  



29.   Beauty    


This theme is likely to be popular forever. Create makeup tutorials, share beauty tips and hacks, make reviews of beauty products. People want to look beautiful. Show your expertise and taste, give useful advice, connect with the audience, and the channel will skyrocket.



30.   Weight loss


Show how you pursue your goal and inspire others. Record your workouts and meal plan, tell about your failures and motivation. Share your experience on this challenging journey. 



31.   Movie and book reviews


Simple and valuable. Such a channel can be both entertaining and informative. Review the latest releases, give your point of view to help your audience make a decision. Share useful information from the books and create lists. 



32.   Drone channel


Aerial videos are breathtakingly beautiful and attract viewers. Add more value by shooting wildlife and places where no foot may tread. Don't forget to add epic music to make your video captivating and exciting.



33.  Mental health


Millions of people experience stress every day. A channel, teaching how to deal with daily pressure and relieve from anxiety, can become a helping hand. 



34.   Finance


If you have enough experience in the financial sphere, you can share your advice on moneymaking, saving money, investments, and so on. Become an influential expert and earn on coaching.



35.  Languages


If you are a teacher or have an excellent command of any language, even of your own, then start an educational channel. Explain difficult things in simple words, give poppy examples, develop your own educating system. 




Pick an idea that will work for you or use this list as a reference to find your niche. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Only those who do nothing make no mistakes.