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Royalty-free music for YouTube videos

Royalty-free music for YouTube videos

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Can you use royalty-free music for YouTube videos?

If you opened this article, then you already know about the importance of music in our era of the video marketing revolution. Music is an invisible layer of pure emotions that adds an unforgettable experience of watching videos and allows you to turn an ordinary clip into a real art that people will share.



YouTube, being the main video-sharing platform on the planet, is popular with video bloggers. At the same time, many try to create not just a music video, but something that would set them apart from the rest, because the competition is huge.


Having made up their mind to add music to their videos, bloggers and authors of channels start searching for the necessary tracks. Around this stage, they find wonderful platforms that store entire libraries of royalty-free music. After reading the first couple of sentences on the license page, joyful bloggers purchase compositions, preparing to add them wherever possible. And around this moment the question arises - can I do this? 




Can you use royalty-free music on your YouTube videos?



First of all, yes, you can do it. However, not everything is so simple here. The fact is that YouTube has a clear policy regarding the use of music on the site. The platform sets strict requirements for such videos, requiring compliance with all rights of copyright holders.


It is in order to have less interaction with copyright holders (or to not have them at all), YouTubers usually use royalty-free music. Such tracks allow bloggers to collaborate only with the music library, without engaging in useless negotiations with track authors, producers, and other copyright holders.


YouTube account termination due to copyright issues


Almost all commercial compositions are protected on the platform by strict laws. YouTube monitors all illegal use and brutally punishes those who violate the policy of the platform. Moreover, such use may result in litigation with the authors.


The use of royalty-free music saves bloggers from such problems. However, it is worth considering a couple of nuances. First of all, we are talking about licenses. Different libraries provide their users with different licenses. Having made your choice on a certain type of license, it is worthwhile to additionally check with the library representatives if you can safely use these tracks for commercial purposes on your YouTube channel. Often, if you correctly understand the issue of licenses, you will receive a positive answer.




Benefits of using royalty-free music in your YouTube videos



In addition to the advantages that we described above, this method also has some pleasant bonuses, for example:


Ease of use. Yes, indeed, buying a track from the online library of royalty-free music, you most often get a music file of a certain format, which you can conveniently insert into your videos in just a couple of clicks. No other unnecessary data, just a track.


Advertising issue. A specially created YouTube script automatically inserts ads into videos containing commercial music. This way, your viewers may start complaining about having too much advertising in your videos. Using royalty-free music saves you from this problem.


Price policy. Yes, music from such libraries is often distributed at affordable prices. It’s hard to summarize some average statistics since there are many platforms and there are different types of licenses on each one. However, it is safe to say that having $50 for this purpose, you can purchase some cool tracks for life. Some platforms offer an annual subscription for all the music they have for about $200 a year.


Editorial options. Many platforms, along with music, also offer various options for editing selected tracks. For example, the same track, but with various effects, loops, fits, drums, and so on. Thus, having one song with such a set of instruments, you can use it in different videos, without causing users to be irritated by the same annoying melody.


The most honest way. We are talking not only about observing the rules of YouTube and your benefit. Besides you, the authors of music also receive a benefit. Often, platforms share half the revenue they received for their music with the authors of the tracks. Thus, using royalty-free music is the most honest way that satisfies all parties.







To summarize all of the above, we can confidently conclude that using royalty-free music for your YouTube videos is the most suitable option. In addition to solving your questions with finding the right music, this method saves you from any additional questions, both with the platform and with the copyright holders.


If you have the opportunity, ask the YouTube bloggers you know about what kind of music they use. And we give you a guarantee that in 95% of cases you will realize that they use royalty-free music. We hope that now you understand why.