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Can I download the music for my video from your website and what do I have to do?

Yes, you can download music after registration on the website.
Then click the download icon in the search results or on the track page.

How much does your music cost?

Our music is absolutely free.

Do I need to credit you in my video description?

1. If you post your video on your website/blog:
Put the information that the music was taken from anywhere in your blog post or video description. 

2. If you share your project with our music in social media (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.):
Credit us in video description. For example: "Music:"

3. If you use our music offline:
No need to credit us if it makes difficulties. However remember that our music is free for projects with up to 10 million people audience. If your audience is bigger, please contact us via email 

Do I need a license to use the music?

Yes! You will get your license certificate in the archive of downloaded files.
Learn more about licenses here.

How can I use your music?

You can use our music in any video or multimedia project up to 10 million people audience.
It could be advertising, background music for restaurant or cafe, videogame,
blog, presentation and so on.

What if I need music for more than 10 mln audience?

In this case you need to contact us.

Who composes the music?

Now we have 5 high-level authors, each specializing in a particular genre.
Learn more about us



 How do I find My Account?

You can get to your account clicking on your name on the
website after registration or logging in.

Can I add music to Favorites?

To add the track to Favorites click the “Plus” icon beside it.
Chosen track will appear in the list in Your Account.

Where can I see my downloads?

Information about your downloads is available in Your Account.

Can I change my personal details (login, e-mail address, password)?

Yes, you can do it in Your Account.



Can you compose original music for my project?

You may contact us and we’ll discuss this option. Here are our contacts.

Can I download your music from a smartphone?

Yes, sure. You just need to be registered on the website.