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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your YouTube Channel

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your YouTube Channel

WRITTEN BY : Nicole Garrison

 With the everyday burgeoning number of people using social networks, influencer marketing has become a hit. Instagram, for instance, has over one billion monthly users and about half a billion daily users. Instagram, therefore, comes as a viable option to promote your YouTube channel.



The big question is, how to use Instagram to promote your YouTube channel.  Before that, it is appropriate to understand that these statistics are not enough of a reason to promote anything on Instagram. Which brings the question, “Is Instagram the right place for you to promote your YouTube channel content?”


Is Instagram the Right Place for You?



Having been on YouTube for a while, you exhibit a good understanding of the people that interact with your video content. If you have not, then you need to pay attention to some audience demographics, namely gender, age, and language, among other things.


Foremost, the female population makes up the largest gender percentage of Instagram users - 68%. Secondly, about 59 percent of Instagram users are of ages between 18 and 29. Furthermore, language is a vital audience characteristic in today’s digital marketing space. Consequently, if a larger percentage of people that usually interact with content is of the above age brackets, are female, have a particular language preference, then Instagram is the best platform for you to boost your YouTube Channel. Lastly, keep in mind that for the language factor, you might need a multilingual approach to your Instagram account. You need to take your time to arrive at the right translation service. 


Now that you know that Instagram may be the right place for you to promote your channel, you deserve to know how you can use Instagram for that purpose. 

Can I make money with affiliate marketing in instagram? Affiliate marketing can work really well on Instagram, but keep in mind that the days of spamming content are long gone. Having a strategy and doing your due diligence is going to be important if you



How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Instagram



1.  Using Hashtags


Hashtags connect various pieces of content by bringing you closely related content. Therefore, you need to use or choose the right hashtags. You can start by using regularly trending hashtags relevant to your YouTube channel content. However, beware that even when the hashtag is popular, it is not a sign that people click or search the hashtag. It only means that the hashtags are used frequently. 



2.  Share Only Unique Content


Any time you are uploading your content to Instagram, ensure that the content has not shown up anywhere else. In case you aren’t sure what to write, you can work with professional writers through online writing services like TrustMyPaper.
There are reasons why you only need to share unique content:


●      People have accounts everywhere.  Your followers might also be following you on multiple channels. You do not want them to see the same content on every channel every time. This kills the excitement they get from interacting with your video content. 


●      The social network, Instagram, is unique in its form and shape. It becomes pretty boring when people see it as unoriginal. Therefore, put an effort to maintain the reputation of Instagram as a unique platform.



3.  Interact With Your Followers



Social media is an interactive platform. Whatever you do, ensure that it does not end up in a one-way communication outcome. Let the content you share with followers create conversations. Are you of the habit of uploading a photo to Instagram and forgetting about it? Here is how you can do it. 


●       Consistently engage with the comments of your audience. People will like it. Most people are receptive to a blog owner interacting with them. 


●       Tag a user so that they know you responded to their query and even request them to keep the conversation going. 


●       As you engage your followers in the comments area, tell them when next to expect your next video content on YouTube.  


●       Share sneak peeks with them about upcoming videos, offer them exclusive content, use your channel name regularly, and even make sure the YouTube channel is linked to your Instagram profile.


●       If you have an affiliate program, invite your subscribers to participate in it. Sometimes, it brings additional profit.




4.  Include Channel Details


Whereas you can do many amazing things to promote your content on Instagram, it is never enough when you have not provided some information about your YouTube channel.  Information makes it easy for prospective followers to find you. This is because interested and potential followers can use it to search for your channel on YouTube. 


We have talked about how you can promote your YouTube Channel. However, people like artists devised creative ways of using Instagram to promote their YouTube Channel 


The first case is that of Columbian musicians, Ayo and Teo.  Influencer marketing is a significant concept today. Like brands, musicians like Ayo and Teo, have adopted the use of influencers to boost their music viewers on YouTube. Their song Rolex performed brilliantly on YouTube, leading to a surge in streaming activity when YouTube Personality Jake Paul posted Rolex on his Instagram videos.


Продвижение в Instagram



Another case is that of Beyoncé, who, on many occasions, has always introduced new content through Instagram before it heads to YouTube. 


Through Instagram, Beyoncé manages to control the narrative of every content so that when people perceive her music on YouTube in the way she intends them to perceive it. Often this method has gone on to boost her YouTube channel and the attention her music gets on YouTube. An example was the full release of the Beyonce album, “4.”


Сообщение Бейонсе в Instagram



Now that you know some of the reasons why Instagram might be the best place for you and how you can use it to promote your YouTube Channel, it is time to act. The above are but a few strategies, you can always come up with many more ways to set you on the right path — all the best in your YouTube Channel endeavors.




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