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Catchy Royalty Free Music for Exciting YouTube Intro

Catchy Royalty Free Music for Exciting YouTube Intro

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

YouTube grows rapidly, and it’s not an empty phrase. Can you imagine that more than 720,000 hours of video content are being uploaded to the platform every day? If we divide these hours, we’ll get more than 82 years’ worth of fresh video daily. 



These numbers mean that to start a YouTube career or attract an audience to your channel, you really need to stand out. Of course, the quality of the video is a crucial element of success, but music like royalty free hip hop beats is no less important. 


The first thing the viewers see on a screen is the thumbnail of your video, and it must be attractive and engaging enough to make them start watching. And then, the first few seconds of your content define whether the user stays with you or leaves. This means that the intro of any video must grab the viewers’ attention, evoke the right emotions, and set the mood of your video. 


Most popular YouTube vloggers have their unique intro, which is a short piece of music and motion graphics elements, and it works as a brand for the channel and the vlogger, making it recognizable and easy to remember.


It’s quite a hard step when starting a YouTube channel to find the right music for the intro. First of all, decide on what the overall mood of your content is, and what emotions you want the viewers to feel. The second thing to consider is the duration of the intro. It shouldn’t be too long, and the music also must be easily customizable, so you can cut it into short parts.


To save your time, we’ve selected music tracks that are ideal for YouTube channel intro. Here are awesome songs of different genres, so they can fit any vlog theme and vibe. These tracks are fresh and exciting, and, what is more important, they have short versions and loops that are very handy and easy to customize. 



Listen to the playlist and choose what suits you best.




Catchy and Exciting Royalty Free Music for YouTube Intro



Always with Me by Lee Anderson


High energetic EDM music that gives summer vibes and upbeat mood. A good choice for personal vlogs that are optimistic and motivating.


Tempo: 128 BPM




Desert Biker by Black Room


A hard and gritty mix of dubstep and country music that creates a feel of power. This track can be used as an intro for bikers’ vlogs, vehicles and gear review channels, monster trucks races.


Tempo: 145 BPM  




Smoky Bar by Alex Stoner


Groovie and uplifting indie rock featuring fuzz guitars that give the volume and density. A powerful beat creates a bold, confident mood. And the cherry on the top is the ending - it’s just perfect for the intro. 


Tempo: 82 BPM 




Steps by Adam Gray


This is a chilling downtempo trip-hop. Soft piano, smooth electric guitar, and atmospheric textures create a laid-back, lounge atmosphere. It can be used for fashion and style or art YouTube channels.


Tempo: 81 BPM




Mountains by Paul Keane


This warm inspiring indie-folk with vocals is perfect for travel and adventure video. The music is bright, positive, and sets the motivation.


Tempo: 142 BPM




Listen to the full YouTube Intro Collection here. Or search through the whole TakeTones music library to find your perfect track.