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How to finally start making music

How to finally start making music

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

If you have been waiting for a sign to start making your own music, here it is. Seriously though, we know that many people struggle with taking actions when it comes to music. They may have the intention to start making music for some time, but do not fulfill them.



If you are also thinking about making music not only on your dreams but in reality, we have a guide for you. Even though the question is quite broad, and the journey for the pop star and for the classical pianist will not be the same, we tried to create general pieces of advice for everyone. That being said, let us jump straight into it.




Some essential tools






Apart from having talent and something that actually makes music, you will need some technical stuff. Obviously, if you want to promote yourself via YouTube, you will need a good camera and a speaker, so the sound is high-quality and pure.


But even before uploading any videos or pieces of your music, you will need software to edit and master your tracks. Software tools like Ableton allow you to both improve your music, and create it live, as a DJ. The later feature is extremely cool if you are into becoming a new Avicii or David Guetta.


However, gaining the necessary skills will take time. Prepare to spend hours and hours to develop the skill. Devote your time to the program of choice, try each and every mode, button, etc. No need to attend any schools or courses, as there is nothing you cannot master yourself.


Google about any obstacles you face or find a community of people who are using the same software. There is a high chance that you will be able to find answers to any question.

It may be a boring part of the process but trust us: it is still necessary.




Find the right balance



acoustic guitars



A lot of newcomers into the music industry are wondering how much time they should spend learning, and how much - practicing. At the beginning of your journey, you will need to spend more time learning, especially if you are starting from scratch. There will be so much you need to know about the basic things, so it is obvious that watching others and reading will take the majority of your time. 


Music theory is another aspect that is very difficult to learn. Basically, it is more than some stuff to learn: you need to feel it. But there are essential things about it you will need to know. Luckily, we live in the era of the Internet, so even if you cannot afford private music lessons, you can still learn music. Eventually, you will see that music theory is a huge part of your creative journey, helping you to make even better tracks.


Spend as much time as you need on learning, and then spend as much time as needed on practicing. This is going to be your perfect balance, as there is no general formula that will suit everyone. You will be trying and failing, but practice makes perfect.


It is better not to skip the learning step. It is tempting to start creating something straight away, but you are likely to lack basic knowledge. This will lead to you making unnecessary mistakes that could have been avoided. So do not underestimate the importance of learning from others.




Entering the process






You may be wondering what exactly you need to start with. Is it bass? Melody? Or simply an idea? Many people get stuck here. They think there are some specific rules, but the truth is - there are none. You can start anywhere.


Of course, the process of making your track will depend on many factors, especially on the instrument you are playing and the genre. But it does not really matter whether you start with verse or chorus, melody, or just a concept. There is no specific way of creating - it is art, after all! If something does not work for you, start with another part, or leave it and come back to it later.


Many people also struggle with ending their songs. Sometimes musicians also find it challenging to combine different parts as they seem to not match. You may want to try something else, so it again proves the importance of practicing. Also, do not forget to listen to other people's music.


It may be extremely helpful and give you some insights about how to make your own track. Pay attention to the structure and elements their music has and think about using these ideas in your pieces.




Final word



final word



We do not want to tell you that making music is easy - it is clearly a challenging process. However, we want to encourage you to commit your time to practice, learning, and listening to others. If you put regular efforts into learning and practicing, you will be rewarded so much in your music journey.


If you have chosen to make music, you must be passionate about it. And we are pretty sure that being eager to work with tunes is the most crucial part of the success.