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Go-to FCPX plugins for stunning social media content

Go-to FCPX plugins for stunning social media content

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Final Cut Pro X is a fantastic program for video editing that provides speed and efficiency. However, built-in effects and control panels are usually not enough, and this is where plug-ins come into play. There are hundreds and hundreds of various FCPX plugins available on the market, but here we’ll only list those that help create outstanding social media content in no time. 



All these plugins will certainly bring much value to those creators who make content for social media right along. If you want to save your time, expand editing capabilities, and improve the production quality, then this list is what you need.



Let’s dive in.




1. Social Media Captions




This plugin allows adding animated captions to a video to engage the audience and highlight main ideas. You are provided with 20 preset styles, yet you can customize each element for your needs. It’s a great tool to make your tutorials, explainers, or news videos clean and more informative.






2. Youtube Growth Tools




This set will turn around your approach to creating YouTube content. A pack of 75 cool designed elements will help you create pro looking and engaging videos. The pack includes calls to action, end screens, titles, transitions, lower thirds, and other elements you’d ever wanted to have in your video.






3. LenoFX Intros





This bundle contains 30 unique animated intros and openers to give your video a polished look. These solutions are perfect for any project, you will surely find the one for yours. All the items are customizable and very easy to use.






The next few plugins are tailored to Instagram content. 



4. Instagram Stories





This huge pack contains 50 stylish designs for exciting Instagram Stories,  and 30 highlights covers for any taste. Moreover, you get 70 premade scenes for various business niches. This plugin has everything you need to create attention-grabbing visual content.






5. Instagram Sales





Instagram Sales plugin helps you to present your product or service and announce sales or special offers in no time. 30 easily customizable templates included in the pack to let you create a business message that won’t go unnoticed.






6. Instagram Split Screen





This handy plugin allows showing multiple videos on one screen using the Split Screen effect. It’s truly impressive and can amplify your story as you are now able to show more in that same time period. 25 screen styles are included in the set and compatible with both IGTV and Stories format. 






7. Instagram Growth Tools





This powerful set is a real gem for digital influencers and creative agencies. 

Choose from 50 elements which are transitions, backgrounds, calls-to-action, frames, and much more, and create eye-catching content easier and faster.






All these plugins were designed with social media content specifics in mind, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to get a polished and professional look of your video.


Some of them are available for free to try. Check it out here.