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New B2B Video Marketing Trends of 2022

New B2B Video Marketing Trends of 2022

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Video marketing is one of the most exciting and interesting industries of our time. We can safely say that the creation and promotion of video content is the most useful direction in today's marketing.



Statistics say that more than 85% of Americans consume video content every day, to one degree or another. What is also important is that they do it with absolutely any device. Therefore, video content marketing is not limited by anything other than your imagination and market requirements.


As for B2B marketing, here you need to understand the main thing - you are selling your services to the same business, not the end consumer. Because of this, the rules for doing business and building video marketing strategies are very different in the B2B and B2C segments. In our article today, we will talk about the trends of B2B video content marketing for 2020.




Emotion is the King


Emotion is the King


People rarely make informed decisions when acquiring something. Most often, this is an emotional act. In the B2B segment, a certain shift in the area of ​​logic can be observed, but the rule still works. Emotions are the level at which video content works. And you should emphasize that your videos would create emotions, work with the human soul, and not with the brain.


How to make your video interact with human emotions? Use the entire arsenal that you have. For example, music. Yes, music adds a new level to video content, and it is very useful in marketing since a correctly selected soundtrack affects precisely human emotions. Fortunately, you do not need to pay a lot of money for the services of composers today. All you need to do is open one of these online libraries with royalty-free music, like taketones.com, and choose the soundtrack that suits you most. The choice in such libraries is usually very large so that everyone can find exactly the track they need.


In addition to music, think about changing the video series of your video content in such a way that it evokes emotions. No more dull slides listing the features of your product and the benefits that the company will receive if it works with you. Get creative and create something extraordinary.




Personal Experience


Personal user experience


People become closer to something only having experienced direct personal practice with this subject, place, or phenomenon. Take it as a rule and transfer it to your video content. Offer your users or customers personal experience. How to do it?


A good example would be a video tour of your company or factory, with employee interviews, where each of them will contact the one who watches the video. Attach cameras to your employees so that everyone can feel the daily routine and see all the processes. Immerse the viewer inside your company so that he personally sees how everything works.


Yes, this experience will still be virtual, and it will not be compared with a personal visit and face-to-face conversations. That is why, even under quarantine, tete-a-tete meetings remain such an important element in the transaction process. However, not having the opportunity to arrange a personal tour for your customers, using content for this video is the best choice.






People laughing at a funny video



Don't you think that our world is already full of problems, and it is really hard to recall the last really good news? It’s true, recently, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic, everything around has become a completely dark place. This is exactly the time when people are looking for humor and pleasant experience. It is safe to say that such an attitude will last all 2020 because even with the most optimistic forecasts, the world will need several more years to move away from this pandemic.


That's why adding humor to your video content in 2020 is a good idea. How to do it? Try experimenting with cartoons, as this format does not impose any restrictions in terms of what you can show - pictures are not people. To make the audience laugh with a cartoon describing the best aspects of your company is a good idea.




Don’t forget about the quality



As in any other business, just creating video content is not enough to break the jackpot. Despite the fact that the video really brings huge profits and high marketing performance. You must take the matter seriously and show your viewers only proven and high-quality content.


Your videos should be informative, useful, relevant, and well-made. To create such content, you need a great screenwriter, a great director, and a great editor. It’s hard to make high-quality video content with a bunch of freelancers who are not serious about their work. You need a separate video production team, or at least video content specialists in your marketing team.


In a situation, if your budget does not allow you to expand your team, use the services of freelancers. But not the ones we mentioned above. You need people who will try to impress and create the best content, and not just earn some money. Look for enthusiasts among young professionals who seek to show the world their skills.




In Conclusion: Competition will only increase



In truth, the main trend and the main rule of video content marketing, especially in the B2B segment you need to remember is that the competition in this market is extremely high. Your colleagues and clients, partners, they will be choosing the highest quality services based on their budget. Decide which companies and customers can afford your services and concentrate on becoming the best in this price segment.




Illustrations: www.freepik.com