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Basic Equipment to Start a YouTube Channel

Basic Equipment to Start a YouTube Channel

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Since YouTube has become a competitive space market, you are required to put more effort into producing visually great quality videos to succeed as a beginner.


Not only will it help you gain a substantial number of views but also a good number of subscribers. Having unique and great content is not an assurance that you will succeed; if you do not focus on producing a visually compelling video with quality music, then you have no chance.


Ok, my guess is you’ve got that one successful and established YouTuber that you admire a lot and you want to be like him/her. But you should know that most of them do hire professional camera operators and video editors or use a wide array of classy equipment for their video production.


So if you are just starting or aiming to enhance what you already have, but with a basic set-up as the key, then you need not go that far. The main thing you need to consider is getting quality equipment. Always remember that not even SEO or good content can make up for a poor quality video.


So due to the fierce competition, no one will have time for bad sound, lighting, and editing. They say time is money; there is no need to toss video after video if it isn't working. Equipment is expensive, and so is your time.





Therefore, here are the Top 7 pieces of equipment and tools you need when starting on YouTube channel.




1. Camera



For someone serious about growing their YouTube channel, the high-quality camera will be the first and critical equipment to procure. Being essential equipment you do not need to go for the expensive DSLR cameras, all you need is a good camera that can record a high quality (at least 1080 p) video.


The kind of content you will be creating will define the type of camera to acquire. So, if you are starting quality webcams and camcorders plus good edit will service you well until when you will be able to upgrade and invest in expensive DSLRs.


Here are some of the best camcorders and webcams you can use.




      Logitech C922 Pro Stream – which supports up to 760 px and 60 fps streaming and resolution of 1080p only at $73.35.


      Razer Kiyo – with a resolution of 1080p only at $59.95.  





      Sony HDR-CX405 priced at around $250.


      Panasonic HC-V180K which is priced at around $180.



Also, you can start with a phone and webcam, and then evolve if you can't afford an expensive camera for a start.




2. External microphone



For people to hear and understand what you are saying, you will need a good microphone. Sound is the second most crucial thing when it comes to YouTube content, and excellent audio will keep your viewers attentive to what you are demonstrating, showing, and saying in every video.


Here are some of the best microphones from the most to the least expensive.


         Heil PR-40for studio quality audio at $327.95.


         Samson CO1UIt is a USB mic that suits the starts at $79.95.


         Audio Technica ATR2100 – Best voice-over microphone at $65.


         Audio-Technica ATR2100USBBoth XLR and USB microphone at $59.95.


         Logitech Clearchat HeadsetGreat for beginners, USB mic at $29.99.


There are other microphones but quite expensive, for example, Condenser Microphones, Shotgun microphones, Lapel microphones which are $100 and above.




3. Soft Boxes



If you value a beautiful ambiance in your video, then it's recommended that you get softboxes. Acquiring softboxes is an inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your videos.


You can get a $60 worth softboxes on Amazon today and enhance the look of your videos.




4. Camera Remote 



To avoid getting up several times just to set up or adjust your camera correctly, it is better to have this super inexpensive tool to help you while filming.


Camera remotes help you in the filming process by providing an easier way to control the camera.




5. Gimbal or Tripod stabilizer



Video stabilization is another crucial factor to consider while vlogging. To avoid taking more time editing and stabilizing the footage in your editing software, it is better to solve that by using a tripod which can only cost around $45 (Gorilla Pod Tripod).




6. Video and Audio Editing Software



After recording your video and audio, you may find a need for removing some parts, adding some effects, color correction, and color grading, stabilizing, etc. Therefore, obtaining software like Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Sony Vegas can help you solve these issues.


Adobe Premiere Elements 18 is the most preferable choice by most videographers due to its ability to produce quality videos of any design.




7. TubeBuddy



After you are done and ready to light up your YouTube channel, you should get TubeBuddy, which is an essential SEO tool for your YouTube videos.


You can use a free version and gain more, but if you want to enjoy the best experience, then you better go for a Pro version which charges less than $10 a month.






With all said, now it’s time for you to gets into work – check your wallet, plan according to your budget and start creating quality content for your viewers.


Note: Quality, uniqueness, and consistency will help you win the heart of many viewers and gain a substantial number of subscribers and viewers within a short period.