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Epic Music for Video Production

Epic Music for Video Production

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Epic Music for Video Production

Think of the last time you've been to the cinema. Remember that powerful thrilling music in the film trailers that keeps you in suspense and evokes the emotions? A dramatic orchestral sound, percussion, and powerful crescendo leading to the climax - it's all that makes the epic background music so recognizable.  



Epic music is generally associated with large-scale battles, heroes, fantastic creatures, and magnificent panoramic footage. It gives the video the power and tense vibe to attract the viewer. That's why epic royalty free music is so widely used in film trailers, blockbusters, fantasy and historical films, and video games. 


We've picked the most impressive cinematic compositions for grand scenes and put them together into the Epic Collection. These tracks give a thrill and make you feel heroic and invincible.


Listen to the playlist and choose the tracks that suit you best.



The Most Powerful and Dramatic Royalty-Free Epic Music



Northern Lights


Deep atmospheric music with a soaring beginning that inspires and gives hope. Great for movies, trailers, video games, and social projects. 




An energetic cinematic piece with modern electronic drums and powerful violins. For epic movie scenes and emotional action videos.



Out of Darkness


A deep dynamic orchestral track with epic drums. The melody creates suspense and resolves into the climax with a majestic crescendo. Perfect for film scores, trailers, and drone footages. 



Storm Surge


A powerful orchestra, horns, and strong percussion create a sense of impending storm. Energetic and thrilling music for action videos, battle scenes, trailers, and blockbusters. 





An intense cinematic composition featuring solemn strings and modern synths that create a heroic vibe. Perfect background for time-lapses, epic drone footage, film trailers, and video games.



Listen to the all featured Epic tracks here