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How to choose the right music for a video

How to choose the right music for a video

WRITTEN BY : Paul Keane

Are you wondering how to get awesome music that will perfectly match your content? Those who are looking for music that can help you captivate the attention of your viewers, we are ready to help you! 


Those who make video content totally know the role of the tunes in drawing the audience in. Music that is playing in the background is something that makes your video unique, entertaining, and pleasant to watch.

Even if you are to make a vlog full of useful tips or serious discussions, do not think that music is unnecessary! It is perfect for intros and outros and becomes a significant feature for your channel. 


If you never thought about adding music to your content or still wondering how to do it right, check our guide to find all the tricks! Let’s get started.




Why so much fuss about music?





Perhaps, it is not the first article you see about the background melodies, their role, importance, and so on. Maybe, you are wondering why everyone believes it is so crucial to add music to content. If so, we have an answer for you.


Music is a key factor in any video content. The right songs at the right time can make you feel energized, sad, provide you with a motivation boost or help you relax. You can also get inspired or get focused - music can work as a switch for various moods. 


Lots of video content creators use songs in their work. There are even special sites (TakeTones, Epidemic Sound, cc Mixter and dozens of others) for those who look for background music for their vlogs. YouTube even created its own library with tracks to help creators pick perfect tunes for their videos.


Since songs boost our emotions, they are perfect add-ons to your main work. No matter what type of videos you are doing: “how-to” videos, a sales video, case study, or a documentary - music can really help you. You just need to keep in mind that it may work differently for different genres, so there are some tricks to learn.




Things to remember





Know your message


As we briefly discussed the importance of music for your video content, let’s talk about some crucial things you need to remember if you want background music to help you, not ruin the whole atmosphere of your video.

Define the mood

The mood of a song can be described in many different ways. Once you're familiar with your song, it's important to know what mood

But how to feel the mood? It may be difficult to understand when you were the one who created it. However, everything in a video is about feelings. Which emotions does your video evoke? How does it make people feel? You, as a creator, want to evoke these feelings at the right time. If you are struggling with understanding the right mood, think about the storyline once again. What do you want people to feel when they see this part of the video?


Select the genre

Once you sort out the mood and emotions, consider genres and instruments that will help you achieve your goal. Should it be something lo-fi or something energizing? Think about music pace as well as it plays an enormous role in creating a mood. If lots of things are happening in your videos, it is packed with action and adrenaline - then upbeat and fast music should be your choice. If your content is more about coziness and relaxation, then slow music it is. Sometimes you may need to pick a track with a slow beginning and fast ending if it matches the plot and mood of your video. The main idea of background music is to be matching, not distracting.


To start with, map the storyline of your video. It is a good piece of advice regardless of the music, but you need to do it to pick the right tune. Understanding the storyline of your video can help you figure out the perfect emotions - and, subsequently, a wonderful music tune. 



Where can I get music for videos?





We talked about all the benefits of incorporating melodies in your content, and now you are probably searching for the best music for your future video. In this case, we know how to help you.


Obviously, you can not just insert in your video any song you liked on Spotify. The situation is a lot more nuanced than that. Copyright prevents you from doing so, that is why you need to look for royalty free music or copyright free tracks.


Many websites that offer you royalty-free music (we already mentioned some of them before) allow you to search by mood, so it makes your journey of picking the right music much easier. Check sites like TakeTones to find unique and high-quality tracks for your videos. The great thing is that you can keep these websites open in the background playing the tunes while you are editing your video. This will help you with picking an amazing track for the video.


You can also check the service YouTube offers you - its Audio Library. It is easy and safe, just like using royalty-free music websites, as you do not risk losing your monetization. Actually, today there are plenty of options for those who want to pick a perfect track, so choosing the best is up to you.




Bottom line



Music helps engage creativity and helps you to establish a deeper connection with your audience. By figuring out the storyline and the mood of your video, you can make your content even better and more captivating. Bear in mind the story and the mood of your video when picking the best tune, and remember that it is perfectly normal to struggle with finding the best music. It takes time, but it is worth the effort.