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Royalty free rock music for video

One of our best rock tracks - The Power in You by Alex Stoner. This is powerful and dirty background rock music for YouTube videos and commercials for free.

Needless to say, rock is one of the most popular and widespread music genres today.

The history of rock music can be traced back to the early 1950s when it originated in the US and went mainstream in the 1960s.

The roots of Rock go back to Rhythm and blues and Country music. Rock music was notable for catchy melodies, bizarre chords on electric guitar and strong background beat. The rhythm section is usually performed by an electric bass guitar, along with a set of drums.

Later on rich diversity of sub-genres with their specific features has emerged from rock: from folk rock and hard rock to indie rock and nu metal.

Anyway there is something that unites all varieties of rock music – it’s driving energy, powerful sound and incredible awesomeness.

Background rock music is also extremely popular and is used for different purposes. Let’s see for what kinds of video royalty free rock music will be the best. 

You may use rock tracks in any video where you need to set a dynamic mood, for example:


  • Sport videos: football, basketball, hockey, fighting and other active sports:


  • Extreme videos: sky diving, parkour, shooting and many other extreme sports and activities:




  • Car videos: driving, racing, reviews and so on:



Background rock music is often used to amplify the coolness of what is happening. Look at the example:


Fast and energetic rock tracks will be ideal in case you need to generate enthusiasm or warm up the audience during an event.

Here are only a few examples of when you can use background rock music for videos. Keep in mind what your audience is and what mood you are trying to set. If you are sure that your audience will respond to your music choice, you can use rock even in a cooking vlog.

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