What is Royalty Free Music?
What is Royalty Free Music?

For example, you get a music license for a video on your YouTube channel - and it doesn't matter how big your audience is and for how long time you're going to use this music. You pay just once.

And now not less important thing: WHAT IS NOT ROYALTY FREE MUSIC

Download Free Royalty Free Music
Royalty Free Music is not free!
It is free of royalty, not free of charge.

Royalty Free Music is not Copyright Free!
A composer owns the Copyright for a certain piece of music automatically. Even if the music is free to use in any purpose, this means that you have the "right to copy", and this doesn't make the music free of Copyright.

Royalty Free Music is not a specific type of music!
It is a type of "Music Licensing" for commercial use and the music may be of any genre.

Royalty Free Music is not cheap music!
Prices may vary in different libraries. It's not about the price actually, it's about the licensing model. The thing is that you are not charged each time the music is used.

Royalty Free Music is not poor quality music!
Both amazing and awful music can be licensed as Royalty Free music. The quality mostly depends on the music library policy.

You can get background music for free - download here.

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