New royalty free Indie folk music
New Indie folk track "Life is Good"


Indie folk is a beautiful combination of indie rock and traditional folk.
It sounds modern and organic at the same time because of acoustic instrumentation. Besides acoustiс guitar indie folk music may feature a wide variety of instruments - trumpet or clarinet, African hand drums, an accordion or banjo, or electric guitar.
Indie folk is trendy now, and as for background music the reason for its popularity is a warm and soft sound characterizing most compositions in this genre. Live percussion, original rare instruments and acoustic guitar make one feel close to nature and bring back warm memories.
That's why indie folk background music is simply perfect for travel themed projects of any kind - video of adventures, slideshows of beautiful places, resorts and hotels advertising  and things like that.
Our library has been filled up with a new free item - Life is GoodThis optimistic and warm indie folk grounded in acoustic guitars evokes a great adventure vibe. Dynamic inspiring piano melody makes it exciting and awakens the “you can do it” feeling.
This track is bright and uplifting and would go well with any inspirational video or slideshow which remind how good the life really is.
Here at TakeTones we love indie folk and will add more high quality items. Stay with us and watch for updates!