Meet the Team of TakeTones

Alex is one of the authors and founders of TakeTones.com.

He dreamed to become a rock star since he was a kid and to make it happen he's taught himself to play a guitar. Alex played in several rock bands and composed music by his own. 

He's had a lot of concerts, tours, photo shoots and video shoots but it was not what he really dreamed of. 

Then he decided to level up and moved to a megapolis, where he'd have more opportunities to use his talent. 

Alex set up a studio, tried to create music for commercial use and he got it! 

He always was a go-getter and his music reflects his nature. Listen to rock tracks by Alex Stoner - they are extremely driving, motivational and upbeat. Now Alex works in his own studio doing what he loves and this makes him happy.

Playlist: Adele, Slipknot, The Subways, Michael Jackson