Royalty free Christmas music
It's Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hear those bells jingling?

It's Christmas! The most magical season has come and the new year is close.

This is the time when everybody sums up the passing year. So do we.

2017 was amazing. We launched our platform and that was a great idea. We already can see some results:

2017 was rich in amazing visual content. We've got a lot of inspiration from beautiful video projects that helped to set the vector of the music we create. 

Our tracks were downoaded more than 7 000 times! We hope they helped you make your projects and share ideas. We wish your 2018 be even more creative and productive! 

Thank you for choosing and supporting us! We don't plan on setting payments in the nearest future, donation system will remain the main form of rewarding. We believe that this is the honest way, because we give our clients freedom of creation, relieving them from unreasonable expenditures. And we hope that you will be honest in your turn in case the project was successful and let you benefit or progress to the next level. 

In that way we'll be able to achieve high growth in 2018 and reach our goals:

  •   great expansion of our music library
  •   providing even better quality of the sound
  •   becoming more open 
  •   increasing our Internet presence to be easy-to-access

We believe that together we will succeed.

Have a blissful holiday season! Wishing you love and joy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!